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ReTune Your Life: An Exclusive Interview With SCOTT PAGE, SIMON WRIGHT, ROBERT SARZO And RJ SARZO

By Krishta Abruzzini, Pacific Northwest Writer
Monday, May 22, 2023 @ 1:04 PM

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I recently ran into my friend Simon Wright at the latest NAMM show in Anaheim, CA. While we were chatting, he pulled out a product that looked like a roll-on deodorant. He told me it was a hemp-based pain reliever designed for musicians. Being not only a music photographer carrying around heavy gear myself, but also being a professional massage therapist for over twenty-years, I was pretty excited to hear about this. Iíve worked on hundreds of clients throughout my career. One common ailment is repetitive strain injuries which tend to be chronic, leading to extensive pain and can even stop a career.

The brand is called ReTune from Life Pack Organics and was created by musicians, scientists and board-certified physicians specifically for musicians. Being a healthcare provider working on folks with varying degrees of injuries and professions, Iím confident this product can be used universally as well. Simon tells me heís used many products on the market, this being the first that has worked for him.

The line features ĎSingerís Life Throat Sprayí which claims to alleviate irritation and inflammation. The ĎPost Performance Relief Creamí is designed for post performance, giving a cooling sensation to relax muscles and reduce inflammation of the joints and ligaments. The ĎRock N Roll-Oní (which Simon showed me) was designed to be used 15-minutes prior to performance.

ReTune has a group of musicians that all represent the product line, which are called the Re-Tune All-Star Ambassadors. Included are, Rudy Sarzo of QUIET RIOT, OZZY OSBOURNE, WHITESNAKE, DIO; drummer Simon Wright, formerly of AC/DC and DIO; keyboardist Teddy ZigZag Andreadis formerly of GUNS Ní ROSES, ALICE COOPER; guitarist Robert 'VuDu Man' Sarzo of HURRICANE, QUEENSRYCHE; bassist Sean McNabb of GREAT WHITE, DOKKEN; guitarist Michael Staertow of THE GUESS WHO, and the recently added Scott Page, saxophonist for PINK FLOYD, SUPERTRAMP and TOTO as well as a technologist and entrepreneur.

I recently interviewed a few of these Ambassadors, as well as the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Life Pack Organics, ReTune, RJ Sarzo.

For information on ReTune, please visit https://re-tune.com/


KNAC.COM: Youíre on tour now in Italy?

PAGE: Iím in Sicily, yes! Weíre getting ready to go in for a rehearsal and yeah, itís beautiful here.

KNAC.COM: Who are you on tour with?

PAGE: Several of us are here that played with FLOYD, and we play shows with some of these big PINK FLOYD tribute bands. A couple of them here are massive. They do these huge shows and we come in as the guests.

KNAC.COM: How Fun!

PAGE: It is fun. For me itís great because they treat us like kings, we stay in beautiful hotels and they wine and dine us and we get to go play some music. Itís just really nice. Italy, for PINK FLOYD, is just massive. Itís probably one of the countries that love the band more than anybody. Itís amazing. Itís always a great time and itís like a really nice paid vacation. And I get to play with my old road pals. All the old road pals get back together again, so itís good.

KNAC.COM: Gosh sakes, Youíre known for being the saxophonist/guitarist in PINK FLOYD, SUPERTRAMP and TOTO as well as a technologist and entrepreneurÖnot to mention one of the top 100 coolest people in Los Angeles.

PAGE: That last one was actually pretty cool. [laughs] When I got that award I couldnít believe it.

KNAC.COM: I want to hang out with you! [Laughing] Do you ever sleep?

PAGE: Well, I got about 8-hours last night, so thatís pretty good actually. [Laughing] Not a lot these days though. Weíve been extremely busy. Everything going on with the music scene, Iím really heavy into the NFT, Web3 stakes, I speak at a lot of conferences for this. Iím going to be in Belgrade as a keynote speaker there, I just got back from Dubai. So Iím traveling a lot, getting to play music, and talks. Iím just very, very thankful. I feel so blessed to be able to do this. Itís incredible actually. I canít believe it.

KNAC.COM: Iíve tried to compute the NFT thing, but my brain shuts down. [laughing]

PAGE: I know itís a little hard, but once people realize itís not about the Ape or the Jpeg, NFT is really a technology that basically every business will be using. I donít care if youíre a hair salon or a yoga studio, a bar, a band, everything will start to move toward NFTs. Itís a contract. Itís a technology that allows you to authenticate and prove one of a kind, but itís incredible for what I call access control and building community, rewards and points and loyalty. Once you grasp it, you go, ĎOhhhhh, I see what these things are Totally different from what I thought they were.í Suddenly your life will change. I mean, collectibles are just one thing, right? NFTs can be used for businesses, contracts, land sales, everything. Itís a very powerful technology.

KNAC.COM: Did you get in on Trumpís NFTs?

PAGE: I didnít and I wish I had. [laughs] I wonder if I can still get one? I think thatíll be one that will be worth something someday.

KNAC.COM: You call yourself a serial entrepreneur. You formed Walt Tucker, and are current CEO of ThinkEXP(erience). Business minded, always busy, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant businessman. After running into my friend Simon Wright recently, he pulled out a hemp-product called ReTune. Being a massage therapist for many years and working on many clients through the years, those that have played in music and not, I was immediately interested. And youíre a brand advisor and now part of the All-Star list of Ambassadors.

PAGE: Iím a user as well! [Laughs] I love the stuff. You know Iíve been really following the Biohack community. The whole idea of nutraceuticals and new ways of health. One of them obviously is CBD having some incredible health benefits. My issue is I have arthritis. Iíve been having issues with my hands. I started looking into all the ways to help and I ran into their product. Whatís so cool is how the absorption is. Iíve tried other CBDs and it didnít really work for me as well, but this stuff was great. I became a fan of it. I use the roll-on on my hands and knees and it really just helps with the pain. So I told them, yeah, Iíd be way up for talking about this stuff and being part of the ReTune All-Star Team.

KNAC.COM: Yeah, you know, with arthritis that is so tough to find anything for relief, it is quite impressive to hear this works. Do you use any of the other products?

PAGE: I use both the roll-on and the cream. I have used the throat spray, but I donít really have an issue like a singer would. I actually did use it when I was at NAMM though and I couldnít speak, so I took a couple blasts of it and it brought my voice back, which was interesting. LifePack Organics have some really good products. Their factory is incredible. Theyíre a solid company. One of the thing I noticed is that thereís a lot of mom and pop shops that are popping up in this space, but what theyíre doing is a very serious approach to this. The factory, the doctorís and all the people working on this is just world class.

KNAC.COM: As far as PINK FLOYD goes, thereís always the debate on David Gilmore vs. Roger Waters on the biggest influence of the music. Do you have a side on this?

PAGE: Well, you know, Iím on the Gilmore side. Roger and Dave have definitely had issues between the two of them forever. To be honest, I donít even know why. I know nobody ever talks about it, but there are definitely two camps, I just happen to be on Daveís side of the fence. Iím a big fan of Dave. I love his playing. He changed my life in how I play. It really made me rethink music in a sense. I started to realize that heís the master of melody, right? He doesnít play a ton of notes, I mean, thereís always guitar players that can play a million notes and all this flashy stuff, but you canít sing any of their melodies. Youíd never remember one thing. Thatís the thing about Dave thatís so exciting, and so great, I realized that if you listened to "Comfortably Numb" and you left the guitar solo out in the middle, youíd feel like you left a verse out. Because everybody can kind of sing along and knows those melodies. Thatís where heís so good. His tone, his melody, heís so musical. Heís one of the most musical guys Iíve ever heard. So he made me change my playing where I was playing all those gymnastics. [Laughing]

KNAC.COM: Slide whistle vs. feel. I used to think that Roger Waters was more of the PINK FLOYD sound and then somebody pointed out how much crunch and rock David Gilmore brought to it. All my favorite FLOYD songs were those that David had the biggest parts and influence over.

PAGE: Whatís interesting for me is that when Roger left, I had that epiphany, that the one guy who could leave was him, because Dave was the sound, the musical side of it, the sensibility. It would not be the same without Dave. Now thereís a lot of guitar players out there that play, but itís never the same, even if they copy his solos and some of them do a great job, but thereís something about his musicality. Nothing against Roger. The real magic was from my point of view was Roger and Dave. They were best friends. That was where it really made that special sound and sense.

KNAC.COM: I listened a bit to you talking about the 1000 true fan model. Brilliant. So many bands still have the thought process that some fat guy with a big cigar is going to rush into the room and make them stars. Youíre seriously, infectiously inspiring.

PAGE: Thatís why I love NFTs so much. Weíre moving out of the space where you have to go to millions of people. Now itís about building a hive. I always say if you want to survive, youíve got to build a hive. Itís all about small groups of people who really care. A superfan group of people. With NFTs whatís beautiful is you can bring people in and you can help them make money too. You can build together with your fanbase. In the NFT I can put the rights, rules and permissions and say, ĎHey, I just created this, Iím going to give it to you and you create on top of it, you keep 90% of the money and give me 10% for my royalty and weíre off to the races. Thereís all kinds of new ways you can bring the bands and the fans together where everyone can benefit. This is the greatest time in history for the independent artist. A lot of them just donít know it yet, theyíve got to get in there and learn how it works.


KNAC.COM: Hey Robert! How was your NAMM this year. I saw you guys doing a signing, it looked pretty busy. For ReTune?

SARZO: Yeah. It was great. It was busy. People from last year came back and they were like, ĎThank you, ReTune really helped me throughout the year.í That is a great thing to hear from people that I donít really know. I use the product every day. I know what it does for me and I use it regularly. I have to use it.

KNAC.COM: Good to know. Yeah, on top of being a journalist and photographer, I've been a massage therapist for the past 20-years. When I saw Simon bring out the roll-on, I was like, get out. What is this and I need this in my business. Poor guy, I was in his face about it. [Laughs] I take a lot of photos for FOREIGNER, and I know you were in HURRICANE with Kelly Hansen?

SARZO: Yes, I created HURRICANE. So Iím the original member along with Kelly. He was one of the hundreds of singers we tried out.

KNAC.COM: I love that. I was just out with them last week. I actually did both massages and photos. Two hats. But I can tell you, working on musicians as with most of my clients that have physical jobs, Iím always looking for products to use to help promote healing and reduce pain.

SARZO: Thatís dangerous. Iíve had massages done before a gig and I'm like jello. [Laughing]

KNAC.COM: Iím more of a Massage Terrorist, Iím very therapeutic and deep tissue. I saw a few guys the next day that were pointing at spots that I worked out and saying ouch. The benefits are so good though. I swear it. But I really need ReTune in my practice. [Laughs] Can you tell me a little about the product?

SARZO: ReTune was actually created by us musicians for the use of us getting banged up on the road. We stretch a lot. I speak for myself, I stretch a lot before I perform, my legs, my back, my neck. Some people call it Yoga. I stretch like the baseball players in the field before a game. Same with my fingers and my hands. I like to warm up a good hour before I go onstage. I like to be totally limber. I donít have to hold back. But I was noticing that I was getting really sore. I started using the roll-on and I wasnít sore anymore. My neck, my back, I forget about it. Kind of like back to when I was a teenager, and I would be playing until 4am in the clubs, and you start at 9pm at night, and yeah, you donít feel pain. Youíre 17, 18, 19. Thatís where Iím at right now. Itís wonderful. Itís a great feeling. To do the things I think in my head that I want to do, playing wise, and I can do it.I donít have to hold back. It doesnít really stink up the place either like some of those other products.

KNAC.COM: How did this start?

SARZO: It started from Life Pack Organics, which my son RJ created. He and his partner James LaBrie have a health and wellness line as well capsules that are for energy. It has a lot of vitamins in it. You see, I have ADD, so does my son, so does my grandkids.

KNAC.COM: I have it as well. Squirrel. [Laughing}

SARZO: [Laughs] So these capsules, they give me the energy that I like to have with my espresso coffee, and a half hour later I feel really alert and I can focus. I take it about a half-an-hour before I go onstage so I can perform. I was talking to my son about how there should be something for the pain for the musicians. Especially drummers get really banged up.

KNAC.COM: Iíve seen it. From carrying the heavy gear, hitting things, heavy instruments. So many wear and tear injuries. Life issues as well.

SARZO: Yes. Exactly. Heavy guitars wrapped around your neck. Itís not comfortable. While youíre playing, you donít really think about it. Try it at home. Sit there for an hour or two hours with 10lbs wrapped around your neck. Our bodies werenít made for that.

KNAC.COM: Not even just injuries, but arthritis as well. Thatís a tough one to find a product that works.

SARZO: Exactly. You know better than me being a massage therapist. I know this product is great and lets me go onstage and kick some ass and run around. That feels good to be able to do that.

KNAC.COM: I just talked to Scott Page today. What a brilliant businessman. What a great move to get him on this team! How did you connect with him?

SARZO: Heís great. Heís a great musician and a great guy to hang out with.

KNAC.COM: Well, he was voted the top 100 of people to hang out with in L.A., so itís confirmed. [Laughs] He was talking about how ReTune works with his arthritis. Iíve yet to find any product that truly works on arthritis.

SARZO: The throat spray is great as well.

KNAC.COM: Youíre called the VuDu man. Where did that moniker come from?

SARZO: Have you ever had a Santeria?


SARZO: Thereís been some movies made on the topic. Cuba, when Colubus took over Cuba, they tortured and they killed all the Indians there. They brought in Africans. The Africans started practicing their religion and some of the religion comes from Haiti, which is voodoo. Cuba had a blend of AfroCuba. Which is where I was born. A lot of Cubans practice Santeria. Which is a religion. Music is made out of harmonics. Music is just a title, but itís a group of harmonics with a message of rhythms. Back in the day, thatís how tribes would communicate with other tribes was by playing drums and patterns. That was their language. Voodoo is from the AfroCuban. I got involved as a teenager with voodoo, because of energy. Itís all quantum physics. Iíve always been into writing. For me to write, I have to research. I even checked out Scientology and all kinds of different religions, and why people behave certain ways. Voodoo, I spell differently, VuDu, because itís energy. Iíve always practiced Santeria when I grew up in a way for protection. Thatís why I was Vegan. Now I'm a pescatarian. I donít want animals to be harmed. I like balance. I like the goodness. I was raised Roman Catholic. I like being fair with other people. A good human. Itís like magic. Thereís good and bad.

KNAC.COM: I love this story. It makes me super happy.

SARZO: Yeah, I was raised with those rhythms you know, those polyrhythms. Whatís interesting is that itís off the grid. If you play a jam with AfroCuban, international or world music, thereís different titles, if you play with other musicians in that style, there is no click. Itís all about vibrations and itís all about doing your thing but in harmony. Have you ever experienced in Central Park the percussionists there? It was like a circle of percussionists, playing rhythms, they play congas.

KNAC.COM: Iíve been part of a drum circle, yeah. Iím always blown away at how many people can join together to create one rhythm.

SARZO: Itís a push and pull rhythm. Itís just magical. There was no click track. There was no grid. It was about being free and feeling the energy. That was my first consciousness of sound.

KNAC.COM: What do you have going on musically right now?

SARZO: Iím very excited. HURRICANE has the next record. Itís been 35-years. This year is the anniversary. The 11-song album will be released around August and itís going to be through Escape Music. All new material. I have Daniel Schumann a great singer from Australia. Heís the nicest guy to work with and write music with. Really talented. Great voice. We already did a couple of festivals with him, we did the M3 with him. Great frontman. Tony Cavazo is in the band, and Mike Hansen whoís been with us 15-years.

KNAC.COM: Fantastic! Looking forward to it! 35-years. Time goes by so fast.

SARZO: Yeah, Iím like, whoa, slow down a little bit. Whatís interesting is that we grow as people. I feel that the writing gets better. We had a lot of experimental time and other projects and everybody went in different directions. Itís like a complete circle coming back. It still sounds like HURRICANE. It has the HURRICANE guitar edge and melody and hooks and feel. So people that are expecting the old HURRICANE sound, yeah, that will still be there.

KNAC.COM: Very cool. I hope to get out to a show! I'm also looking forward to trying out ReTune!

SARZO: Yes! You know, sometimes you jump from a platform onstage and you land a little off, youíll get a little or a lot bruised, this stuff helps.

KNAC.COM: Iím just impressed my peers are still making the jumps!

SARZO: You know, I was raised with our parents that were jocks. My dad was a champion in Cuba for gymnastics for two-straight years. He was a rope climber. My mom was also a jock. She was a tennis pro in Cuba. We were raised with sports and a lot of mangos and avocados. Beans, rice and bananas. [Laughs].

KNAC.COM: Your family sounds wonderful. You need to add the spice in there as well.

SARZO: And espresso. [Laughs]

KNAC.COM: Thanks Robert. This has been fun.


WRIGHT: Hi Krishta. How are you?

KNAC.COM: Well, Iíve lost my voice. Back from NAMM and every year I get sick. Iím sounding like a 12-year-old boy right now. I wish I had the throat spray to try out from ReTune. How are you?

WRIGHT: Well, Iím fine. Iíve got my voice. [Laughs] Although NAMM isnít as crowded as it used to be, thereís still germs knocking around, thatís for sure.

KNAC.COM: It was great though. I could walk around and there was space. It was kind of cool to have it like that.

WRIGHT: It was great. I couldnít go 5-feet without getting stopped by someone before.

KNAC.COM: Now you can go 6 or 7 feet at least. [Laughs] Thank you for connecting me with everyone from the ReTune products. Iím really looking forward to incorporating it into my massage business. What got you involved?

WRIGHT: It was a few years ago actually. I was playing with Robert in QUEENSRYCHE and he mentioned it a couple of times about his sonís business, doing organics. Itís based around what musicians' needs are. As we all get older, our bones ache and stuff. It really helps.

KNAC.COM: Yeah, I know you guys carry around these heavy instruments, bang on them. It causes a lot of wear and tear on the body for sure.

WRIGHT: It does. About 5-6-years ago, I felt a twinge in my left shoulder. It turned out to be a slap-tear. A really, really small thing, but it ached. Especially after I woke up from sleeping and laying on it. It has no effect on my playing or my drumming. I can now quell the pain the with roll-on. It eases the pain on it. Apart from that, Iím doing pretty well.

KNAC.COM: I know thereís something for after, Post Performance Cream? Have you tried it?

WRIGHT: Yeah the cream is good too.

KNAC.COM: I saw it has DMSO in it as well. That used to be banned. But itís great as an agent for absorption. What do you have going on musically?

WRIGHT: Not too much at the moment. Iíve got some plans, but donít want to say too much before itís firmed up. Iím doing a festival in Romania.

KNAC.COM: DIO DISCIPLES have anything going?

WRIGHT: It kind of got pushed aside, Wendy [Dio] wanted us to concentrate on the hologram show, and we had so much lined up before the pandemic, and when it came it ended. Thereís talk of getting it up and running again as well. It just takes a bit of time. Itís just so difficult these days the way the economy is and touring with visas. Everything has quadrupled in price. Really sucks. So people are hesitant about bookings and stuff like that. Iím sure something will take off.

KNAC.COM: My friend, who makes beautiful guitars, Stephen McSwain, (https://www.mcswainguitars.com/) Iím not sure if you saw his booth at the boutique guitar showcase at NAMM? Amazing guitars. Anyway, he was saying something about hooking up with Phil Oliveri and recruiting you on drums for some AC/DC collaboration.

WRIGHT: Yeah, Iíve got some unfinished business with Phil. Weíve got to do a project together.

KNAC.COM: Well, I hope this is the project. I canít think of a better ensemble for an AC/DC track, honestly. You would love Stephen.

WRIGHT: I get asked a lot about these kinds of things, collaborations. Itís a bit hard as I canít really record at home. I have to go to a studio. A lot of musicians have their own way of recording at home and video taping themselves. You make it and send it off. I havenít heard from Phil, but if I do, it sounds like a good plan!

KNAC.COM: I think itís an excellent plan. So no home recording studio for you. Is it too noisy being a drummer?

WRIGHT: No! Whenever I sense of working, I hook up with the studio in Redondo Beach, where we used to record all of Ronnieís albums. Itís a great room, great microphones. I just havenít gotten around to setting up here. Iím going to start on it, but for now I go to a regular studio.

KNAC.COM: Since the pandemic, a lot of these collaborations have come out. It was kind of cool hearing these people just recording from home. Some are really great. Iím so glad I ran into you, as always. I canít wait to hear whatever youíve got up your sleeve. Looking forward to using and learning more about this product as well.


KNAC.COM: Hey Robert! You have quite the resume my dude.

RJ SARZO: [Laughing] You read my bio?

KNAC.COM: Of course. So, Life Pack Organics. Tell me a little about this company.

RJ SARZO: Me and my business partner James LaBrie have been friends for a really long time. The reason we started creating products was to alleviate pharmaceuticals out of our household. I have a blended family of 4-kids and my business James has 5-kids, and unfortunately some suffer from ADHD. They were on Ritalin and Adderall, Xanax and all this crazy stuff. So what we did is we decided to create one product which is a water soluble powder, called Life Powder and thatís how we came up with the goal to create stick packs, and thatís why we call it Life Pack Organics. That was our original product was a stick pack.

KNAC.COM: You were involved with several Fortune 500 companies.

RJ SARZO: This is now my only company. I sold everything. Iím no longer involved in anything whatsoever. In my 44-years of life, I've done marketing, advertising, radio placement, entertainment management, and an entertainment agent. Iíve kind of done it all just because I grew up in the industry and I want to get my hands on all of it, including PR. I just kind of stepped away. Basically, my dad just calls me a crazy serial entrepreneur. [Laughs]

KNAC.COM: Coming from such a musical family, do you play music also?

RJ SARZO: I used to be a drummer. Years ago. I chose the instrument that nobody knew how to play in my house. My mom was a classic pianist. She was a music professor in Florida. She met my dad, when he was looking for a pianist for his group. He met my mom and he interviewed her and he brought her on in the group with my uncle. They had their own band back in the day, and thatís how my dad met my mom and they got married and there I came. My momís a pianist, my uncleís a bassist, my dadís a guitarist and I chose drums.

KNAC.COM: I love that story. Tell me a little about ReTune.

RJ SARZO: Growing up in the industry, during Covid it was a very interesting time. There was a lot of time to think. A lot of time to reevaluate life and what youíre doing. I had a family huddle meeting and came to the conclusion that there is no product line focused on musicians for health reasons, health benefits. When I realized that thereís a gap in what needed to be done and what was needed, my father and my uncle and a really cool research team of the iconic musicians I grew up with, you know, me being RJ, the young little guy running around, I pretty much called all my people in my circle that are musicians, and told them that we were talking about this product line, asking if theyíd be the guinea pig in the sense of sending them products. They all said, ďAbsolutely.Ē We were trying to build a product line 100% focused on musicians. Once we figured out what we were doing and many, many different variations of formulations, we had to come up with a name. We realized that musicians, no matter what instrument you play, can tune your instrument, you just canít tune the musician. ReTune. Built by musicians for musicians.

KNAC.COM: Being a massage therapist, again, I work on a lot of injuries. I honestly think this could be a universal product. Iíve yet to find a product that stands up to its claims.You donít call this a CBD product. Why?

RJ SARZO: I mean, CBD is hemp but we stay away from the acronym of CBD because people have the thought that all CBD comes from marijuana, and it does not. My biggest job in our company is educating the consumer. You roll this on your body and it absorbs into your skin and brings down the inflammation which is causing your nerves to be inflamed and causes pain, and thatís all this is. Weíre 100% focused on reducing inflammation and pain. So, all our competitors, they use something called benzocaine and lidocaine or tetracaine, and theyíre numbing agents. Iím sure you know, it numbs the surface. It doesnít penetrate it. They use menthol, which we do as well, but they use it for the placebo effect. People think, ďItís cooling, so it must be working.Ē Then theyíre numbing the area. You go on about your day and about 45-min later the pain starts to come back. All of a sudden you need to apply more. Ours doesnít work that way. All of our products have no numbing agents.

KNAC.COM: I noticed thereís DMSO in your product.

RJ SARZO: Thatís correct. DMSO is really focused on absorption, and we only use1% of DMSO. It was federally regulated and approved by the FDA, but it was disrupting pharmaceuticals, because it works and itís fairly cheap. So the FDA claimed it wasnít good for you. Which it actually is. The thing about it is we donít really talk about how we get to that 91% absorption rate compared to all our competitors which are like 12-14%, thatís one of the acting ingredients that helps the penetration and get the CBS in the muscles and joints and ligaments.

KNAC.COM: I really like that you have a roll-on as well. Most are creams or lotions. You actually have 3 products.

RJ SARZO: Yeah, it's the Rock N Roll-On, the Singerís Life Throat Spray and the Post Performance Cream. This is the interesting part. Iím going to get a little scientific. Our bodies are very smart. Most of us have allergies, including myself. As we have allergies, our bodies think that our nasal drip or the swollen lymph nodes from the allergies is an infection. So our bodies create mucus. Itís caused by the infection that our bodies think we have, but we donít. It causes inflammation in the vocal cords and our lymph nodes. What I suggest is using the roll-on on the left and right side of your lymph nodes below your ears, and use the vocal throat spray and within 15-minutes youíll be 100%. You wonít need Zyrtec, or any allergy medicine. That went through our medical board. We have ENTs, we have medical doctors, DOs, and pharmacists. We have an array of a medical board that we put our product through just to get their inside information on how to dose it and so on.

KNAC.COM: Congratulations to you RJ. Iím looking forward to sharing your products.

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40 Years of Rage: An Exclusive Interview With PETER "PEAVY" WAGNER Of RAGE
The Storm Cometh: An Exclusive Interview With MATT PIKE And JEFF MATZ Of HIGH ON FIRE
From The Archives: JUNKMAN's 2011 Interview With DAVID COVERDALE
DJ WILL Recaps The 2024 HELL'S HEROES VI Festival
From Houston To Vegas: An Exclusive Interview With MARK KENDALL Of GREAT WHITE
Free Spirit Soar: An Exclusive Interview With MARK ZONDER Of WARLORD
Living Like A Sunburn: An Exclusive Interview With DANNY DOLL And CHAD MICHAEL Of WICKED
Let There Be Anarchy: An Interview With JEFF SCOTT SOTO Of ART OF ANARCHY


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