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Welcome To Eveready Ed's Sports Room

By Eveready Ed, Man of Mystery
Thursday, June 4, 2009 @ 2:05 PM

Eveready Ed is Back

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Welcome to Eveready Ed's Sports Room

NBA Playoffs

By Eveready Ed

Well I was pretty damn close to being perfect in my picks (13-1) but the Cavs let me down. Looking back on things I should have KNOWN better than to pick a Cleveland team to make it the championship game. No I’m not bashing Cleveland I’m just saying they have some pretty bad luck when it comes to any pro team making it to a championship game. The Browns, the Cavs and the Indians have all had their melt downs and to be honest I forgot all about it until I saw a video on ESPN which pointed that out. In all honesty even if I saw that video before making my pick I would have gone with the Cavs because I thought they had enough pieces to make it to the championship game. If it where the Cavs and the Lakers this would be an easy pick for me, but the Magic and Lakers are a tougher pick. I do think the Lakers match up better then the Cavs did but that doesn’t make the pick easier. If the Magic can stay hot from 3 point range they will give the Lakers problems, if Odem does not show up and be a dominate force the way he was in game 5 and 6 against the Nuggets, the Lakers will be in trouble. I don’t se either team running away with this series, I’m looking at no less than a 6 game series. The Lakers lost both match ups with the Magic this season but only by a few points and I think the tough run the Lakers had in their last two series might have given them the toughness they lacked last year against the Celtics. This is a coin flip for me since both teams match up so well, I didn’t go with the homer pick last season because I felt the Celtics had the edge but this time I’m going homer all the way and see what happens, hey even if I am wrong 13-2 is not bad!

Championship Game

1. LA Lakers vs 3. Orlando
My Pick: LA Lakers to win in 7


Conference Finals

Eastern Conference

1. Cleveland vs. 3. Orlando
My Pick: Cleveland to win in 5

Western Conference

1. LA Lakers vs. 2. Denver
My Pick: LA Lakers to win in 7


Conference Semifinals

Eastern Conference

1. Cleveland vs. 4. Atlanta
My Pick: Cleveland in 5

2. Boston vs. 3. Orlando
My Pick: Orlando in 7

Western Conference

1. LA Lakers vs. 5. Houston
My Pick: LA Lakers in 6

2. Denver vs. 6. Dallas
My Pick: Denver in 5

First Round

Eastern Conference

1. Cleveland vs. 8. Detroit
My Pick: Cleveland in 5

4. Atlanta vs. 5. Miami
My Pick: Atlanta in7

3. Orlando vs. 6. Philadelphia
My Pick: Orlando in 5

2. Boston vs. 7. Chicago
My Pick: Boston in 6

Western Conference

1. LA Lakers vs. 8. Utah
My Pick: LA Lakers in 5

4. Portland vs. 5. Houston
My Pick: Houston in 7

3. San Antonio vs. 6. Dallas
My Pick: Dallas in 7

2. Denver vs. 7. New Orleans
My Pick: Denver in 6

NHL Playoffs

Conference Finals

Eastern Conference

4. Pittsburgh vs. 6. Carolina
My Pick: Pittsburgh to win in 6

Western Conference

2. Detroit vs. 4. Chicago
My Pick Detroit to win in 6

Well I did better in the second round of the playoffs with only Carolina throwing a monkey wrench in the works for me. I picked Carolina to make it out of the first round and to give Boston a fight but I didn’t think they would upset them. I expected Pittsburgh and Detroit to be here but I had also figured on the Sharks making it out of the first round. Still looks like we are going to have a rematch from last season with the Pens and Wings, I also figure on the same ending with the Wings winning it all because they have so much depth on that team. But strange things tend to happen in the playoffs, wouldn’t it be an odd twist if Carolina and Chicago pulled off upset wins….but I wont count on it.


Conference Semifinals

Eastern Conference

1. Boston vs. 6. Carolina
My Pick: Boston in 5 games

2. Washington vs. 4. Pittsburgh
My Pick: Pittsburgh in 6 games

Western Conference

2. Detroit vs. 8. Anaheim
My Pick: Detroit in 7 games

3. Vancouver vs. 4. Chicago
My Pick: Chicago in 6 games

Conference Quarterfinals

Eastern Conference

1. Boston vs. 8. Montreal
My Pick: Boston in 4 games

2. Washington vs. 7. NY Rangers
My Pick: Washington in 6 games

3. New Jersey vs. 6. Carolina
My Pick: Carolina in 6 games

4. Pittsburgh vs. 5. Philadelphia
My Pick: Pittsburgh in 7 games

Western Conference

1. San Jose vs. 8. Anaheim
My Pick: San Jose in 7 games

2. Detroit vs. 7. Columbus
My Pick: Detroit in 6 games

3. Vancouver vs. 6. St. Louis
My Pick: St. Louis in 5 games

4. Chicago vs. 5. Calgary
My Pick: Chicago in 5 games

NCAA Tournament Championship

1. UNC vs. 2. MSU
My Pick: UNC

Final 4

1. CONN vs. 2. MSU
My Pick: CONN

1. UNC vs. 3. VILL
My Pick: UNC

Sweet 16


1. UL vs. 12. ARIZ
My Pick: UL

2. MSU vs. 3. KU
My Pick: MSU


1. PITT vs. 4. XAV
My Pick: PITT

2. DUKE vs. 3. VILL
My Pick: VILL


1. CONN vs. 5. PUR
My Pick: CONN

2. MEM vs. 3. MIZZ
My Pick: MIZZ


1. UNC vs. 4. GONZ
My Pick: UNC

2. OKLA vs. 3. SYR
My Pick: OKLA



1. UL vs. 9. SIE
My Pick: UL

12. ARIZ vs. 13. CLEV
My Pick: ARIZ

3. KU vs. 11. DAY
My Pick: KU

2. MSU vs. 10. USC
My Pick: USC


1. PITT vs. 8. OKST
My Pick: OKST

4. XAV vs. 12. WISC
My Pick: XAV

3. VILL vs. 6. UCLA
My Pick: UCLA

2. DUKE vs. 7. TEX
My Pick: DUKE


1. CONN vs. 9. A&M
My Pick: CONN

4. WASH vs. 5. PUR
My Pick: WASH

3. MIZZ vs. 6. MARQ
My Pick: MIZZ

2. MEM vs. 10. MD
My Pick: MEM


1. UNC vs. 8. LSU
My Pick: UNC

4. GONZ vs. 12. WKU
My Pick: GONZ

3. SYR vs. 6. ASU
My Pick: ASU

2. OKLA vs. 10. MICH
My Pick: OKLA



1. UL vs. 16. MORE
My Pick: UL

8. OHST vs. 9. SIE
My Pick: OHST

5. UTAH vs. 12. ARIZ
My Pick: UTAH

4. WAKE vs. 13. CLEV
My Pick: WAKE

6. WVU vs. 11. DAY
My Pick: WVU

3. KU vs. 14. NDSU
My Pick: KU

7. BC vs. 10. USC
My Pick: USC

2. MSU vs. 15. RMU
My Pick: MSU


1. PITT vs. 16. ETSU
My Pick: PITT

8. OKST vs. 9. TENN
My Pick: TENN

5. FSU vs. 12. WISC
My Pick: FSU

4. XAV vs. 13. PRST
My Pick: XAV

6. UCLA vs. 11. VCU
My Pick: UCLA

3. VILL vs. 14. AMER
My Pick: VILL

7. TEX vs. 10. MINN
My Pick: TEX

2. DUKE vs. 15. BING
My Pick: DUKE


1. CONN vs. 16. CHAT
My Pick: CONN

8. BYU vs. 9. A&M
My Pick: BYU

5. PUR vs. 12. UNI
My Pick: PUR

4. WASH vs. 13. MSU
My Pick: MSU

6. MARQ vs. 11. USU
My Pick: USU

3. MIZZ vs. 14. COR
My Pick: MIZZ

7. CAL vs. 10. MD
My Pick: MD

2. MEM vs. 15. CSM
My Pick: MEM


1. UNC vs. 16. RAD
My Pick: UNC

8. LSU vs. 9. BUT
My Pick: LSU

5. ILL vs. 12. WKU
My Pick: ILL

4. GONZ vs. 13. AKR
My Pick: GONZ

6. ASU vs. 11. TEM
My Pick: ASU

3. SYR vs. 14. SFA
My Pick: SYR

7. CLEM vs. 10. MICH
My Pick: CLEM

2. OKLA vs. 15. MORG
My Pick: OKLA

NFL Thoughts

I have not had the time to do any posting after the Super Bowl but I have been keeping my eye on all the activities going on. Free agency has come and gone and there are still a lot of big names out there with no new homes yet, I’m sure some of them will be picked up after the draft is over to fill the needs some teams could not address through the draft.

The Redskins dropped a fortune on Haynesworth and Hall combined. I know Haynesworth is a force that was on the top of most teams lists but for that kind of coin I think they could have improved their team in more ways but time will tell if this was a good move or not, the Redskins always shell out big money to players only to have them be bust.

The Raiders, yes once you decide to point something out about them it becomes “Raider bashing” but lets face facts, when Al “I have a screw loose” Davis opens his mouth how can you not pile on? Al just can’t leave Lane Kiffin alone even after he fired him as they leaked a letter they wrote to the University of Tennessee where Kiffin is now the head coach. This Raiders team is a mess and I see no positive changes coming while Davis is still calling the shots. Yes back in the day he made some great moves and pick up when it came to players and coaches but that was then, look what he has done to that team now. Since 2002 the Raiders have a 24-72 record, they over pay for average players and coaches come in and out so fast how are players expected to learn a system and improve on it? Now I have no reason to hate the Raiders because my favorite team plays them once every four years so it’s not a big deal to me. Hell my team is going through rebuilding all across the board so I know I am in for a few more years of crap football but I give the Rams a better shot and turning things around right now then I do the Raiders. This Raiders team is a mess from top to bottom right now but I blame the owner for all of it.

Speaking of a team that is a mess the Lions have the number one pick in the draft and most “experts” seem to think they should go with Stafford but since the Lions need so much help I think they might be better off shopping that number one pick to gain multiple picks in the draft. Of course just getting more picks means you have to make those picks count too. I watched the Cowboys and Chargers, just to name a few, pick up multiple picks and they got some great value for it so that is something that is possible. I will say this, I would not be shocked if a QB was not picked up in the first round. Just like no WR was picked up in round one I think you could see the same thing happen for QB’s in this draft. Behind Stafford most people have Sanchez and the number 2 QB but are you really going to use a number one pick on a guy with only one year of experience in college?

Is it just me or does anyone else think that trade of Cassel to the Chiefs was a bit odd? The Chiefs get both Cassel and Vrabel for a second round pick? Now before you all start saying crap like, “well I wouldn’t give more than a second for Cassel and Vrabel is old and washed up” and yes I have seen people saying that. My point is if a better offer was on the table for Cassel alone why would you not take it? The three way trade that would have given the Patriots another round one pick was not accepted but the second round pick for two guys was? My thinking is with an extra first round pick it gives you so many more options. Trade it for more lower picks, use it on another player that might help your team like say Julius Peppers, I mean if you have an extra first rounder to burn why not? Peppers for Cassel would have been a good trade, and no I am not saying the trade had to be to the Panthers, let me just stop some of you right now with that thought. Peppers is franchise tagged so to get him it would cost a team a first round pick, if you had two then use it get him. Sure it may not have happened but my point is the option to do would have been there. To me the trade did not make sense but lets see how things pan out.

While we are on the subject of that trade, a move that could have sent Cassel to the Broncos and Cutler out of Denver has left Jay with a case of the red ass. He cried about it the whole time, acted like a child and now is asking for a trade. Could this whole thing in Denver be a bigger mess? Yes the Denver organization could have done things differently but the bottom line is players get traded and cut especially when a new coach comes in. Get over it Jay you are not the only one this has happened to and you won’t be the last. Now after their last meeting it has turned into a he said she said ordeal and both sides look like idiots. If I where Denver now I would look into other options and get this guy out as soon as you could and get what you could for him. I can think of at least three teams in the NFC North that would be better off with Cutler at QB. Now this is just a thought but just for shits and giggles you tell me what you would if you are the Lions and you get an offer like this. Cutler for the Lions second round pick, the Lions trade down to pick up another teams lower first round pick and in the process pick up that teams second round pick and an additional lower round pick like a four since, many teams have extra picks in the later rounds. Some teams have an extra second round pick, hell the Lions have two first round picks one from the Cowboys so they have a lot of room to work with. They would pick up a starting QB and extra picks to help them out. Would you make a move similar to that if you are the Lions?

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By TsTm77

NCAA Tournament picks coming soon


By Defiant Doug

Total Picks in 08
Picks Spread
Eveready Ed 167-99 131-135
TsTm77 160-106 132-134
Defiant_Doug 137-106 109-134

Total Picks from 07
Picks Spread
Eveready Ed 165-89 124-130
TsTm77 156-98 127-127
Defiant_Doug 123-130 112-142

More to come!



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