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To Robbin: Messages From The Ratt Pack

By Mitch Lafon, Contributor
Saturday, June 8, 2002 @ 11:32 AM

Blotzer, Pearcy, Croucier Pay

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From Ratt’s official site:

Robbin's family thanks you for your interest and generosity. They request that no flowers or cards be sent, please. You may send any donations to THE ONLY recognized memorial fund, set up by the Crosby family:

c/o Regent's Bank
875 Prospect St., Ste. 100
La Jolla, CA 92037

Thank you,

The Crosby Family


From Bobby Blotzer:

"My Brother"

"Dear friends and lovers of the King:

"It has been about 10 hours since we all lost one of the most kind hearted, the most compassionate, intelligent, talented, strong -- I mean fucking strong like I could never be -- humans to ever have the pleasure and to be lucky enough to have in our lives!

"I've been sitting here in the company of the people that I love tonight and we've been watching some videos of Robbin doing what he's always done best and that’s… kick ass live on stage! We made such a mark together as friends and as a band. And, the fact that I have that for the rest of my life is like having a reason for being. And I thank Robbin and the rest of my Ratt band mates for from the bottom of my heart. I would also like to tell my family how much I love them and that I also love my friends as well.

"I want everyone to know one thing here, too.

"Never once did any of us hear King complain about his situation...You have to understand something... The man was put through hell and never, ever bitched about it. I know that I'm the biggest whining pussy about things that aren't even a fraction of what he had to deal with, and that is what makes him The King of the world! I only wish he could have been able to use it like a decade before. There are so many touching stories that we have that are what the essence of who Robbin was. If you guys only knew.

"Out of all of us guys in the band, Robbin was the most obliged to take care of the other guys’ family and friends at shows. I can only dream of being onstage with him and the rest of us together again, because that’s all it will ever be with him gone.

"As myself and my sons and my girl spent time with him on Christmas eve, all I could do was think... God... please, make this go away. And looking at my bro lying there and still having so much class and dignity, I really felt humbled. But yet, so goddammed bummed. What could I do? How can I get the King back where he belongs? I was always too fucking scared to face the truth.

"I love Robbin so much. I will miss him, and I have missed him so much. Part of me, my family, and Rock n Roll left us today.

"The only peace I'm feeling right now is that he's out of the nightmare that has attacked him.

"Peace and health and happiness to us all!
"Thank you King!"

Bobby Blotzer :)


From Stephen Pearcy’s site:

Robbin Crosby August 4, 1960 - June 6, 2002

“Our dear friend Robbin Crosby passed away Thursday morning. His family and close friends are asking for your respect, prayers and appreciation.

"Robbin was a sweet soul, great talent and he will be dearly missed, rest in peace.”

Stephen Pearcy


From Juan Croucier’s site:

"To a King among men: Robbin, you will always be loved by those who knew you. I will always love you, beyond words. Your kindness and compassion, knew no bounds. Your heart was pure love. Your spirit was a gift to be admired. It was an honor to have been your friend. I will always cherish the many wonderful memories we shared together, over the many years. The world is a better place because of you.

"I wish you all the love in this world and all the peace in heaven. The pain and suffering is over. God bless you."

Love, Juan

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