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By Krystiee Lee, Editor
Thursday, March 26, 2020 @ 3:11 PM

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LA’s very own dark, sensual, rebellious, and fascinating theatrical performers known as IN THIS MOMENT gathered by frontwoman Maria Brink, co-founder and lead guitarist Chris Howorth, bassist Travis Johnson, guitarist Randy Wetzel, and Kent Dimmel has officially returned in full force to stun the world with their newest album Mother, their 7th studio album to date and in my opinion, the best so far. IN THIS MOMENT joined forces with longtime trusted collaborator Kevin Churko [OZZY OSBOURNE, FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH] in the studio. They pieced together a 14-track opus steeped in the lore they’ve created, yet indicative of another spiritual, philosophical, and stylistic evolution. Whereas Ritual hinted at a bluesy sonic sorcery, Mother breathes the activating mantra of an unbreakable spell. “We are so excited to unveil Mother to the world,” says Brink. “We feel like everything we’ve done has led us to this point and we can’t wait for everyone to experience the next chapter.” The album also consists of several covers and features artist Lzzy Hale, Taylor Momsen, and Joe Cotela.

“All cultures, religions, and belief systems share one commonality. Life springs forth from a mother. She bears, nurtures, cultivates, raises, and prepares children for the world. Without her, existence ceases. Much like the earth, life grows, thrives, and survives inside of and because of her…”

Right off the bat I was sunk into the feel with this album, definitely the time to unwind, turn off the lights, spark up some candles and to actually forget the world and focus on the sounds of ITM. Starting with "The Beginning - Interlude" flowing and leading into the hit cover song from the oh-so 76’ classic "Fly Like An Eagle" by STEVE MILLE BAND. Maria’s voice for this song was stunningly unbelievable. Instantly, I was pumped for the rest of this album.

Next up was another mesmerizing interlude, "The Red Crusade", leading into the already released hit single "The In Between", the obvious mixture of both previous albums Ritual and Blood. All their past creations were poured into one song which certainly made it even more thrilling to blast on your headphones. "Legacy" opens up a whole new theme of greatness with Maria’s intense fiery vocals and allows the spotlight on just that and of course the excellent guitar solo of Howorth.

Next, the absolute best track on the album (in my opinion) was the legendary QUEEN’s "We Will Rock You". This features two other outright badass women in the metal world, Lzzy Hale of HALESTORM and Taylor Momsen of THE PRETTY RECKLESS, two brilliant and talented ladies with epic screams and growls helped dominate this song which once was often used for a sort of “battle song” for men for yearsssss… Not anymore though! It’s now being used by three fierce and empowered ladies. Seriously you guys, this cover is remarkable and certainly one for the books and I hope to God these three get together and blow the roof off the stage during a live performance of this song… Ill definitely make damn sure to be there.

"Mother" and "As Above So Below" Comes along in full force to extend the slamming experimental choruses that will devour all listening ears and leave you in awe. "Born In Flames" comes along with an 80s vibe and softly passionate rock atmosphere which intensely electrifies the album as a whole.

As if I didn’t think it could get any more effing awesome, I’m once again blown away with the exhilarating bass and raspy “in your face” vocals from Maria in "God Is She". Holy hell, this track will chew you up and spit you right out with wanting to destroy you even more. Bravo, guys. Bravo.

They continued to set the bar high with the next songs "Holy Man", beginning with the wicked church feel, and "Hunting Grounds" which features the one and only Joe Cotela of DED, both of which put on a one-of-a-kind vocal experience in a clash sort of way, leaving them thriving together on this stunning track.

Another one of my favorites from the album, a brilliant, sexy, and blatantly seductive dip "Lay Me Down" trials with it all, and will leave you passionately captivated in ALL ways possible.

Last but not least, to bring this incredible album to an end, we get another undeniably astounding cover of "Into Dust" From the 90’s iconic babe MAZZY STAR. This song has always been a favorite of mine so I wasn’t sure how to feel about it being covered by ITM let alone anyone at all. I always thought to myself that this was one song that couldn’t be touched or redone in any way since it's simply an underrated tune. Well… I was 110% wrong! IN THIS MOMENT completely NAILED this cover and I’m literally left in complete shock over it.

Mother is a very exciting change and sees a far different side of Maria’s powerful voice and songwriting, from a lyrical and thematic aspect and is for sure a can’t-miss album for fans of IN THIS MOMENT.

I give this album a 5 out of 5 and I can already tell you, it’s definitely going to be in my top 10 albums of 2020. Prepare to get lost with Mother.

5.0 Out Of 5.0

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