"Caught Somewhere in Time" Interview With Iron Maiden

By Charlie Steffens aka Gnarly Charlie, Writer/Photographer
Thursday, August 25, 2005 @ 11:28 PM

Plastered...Stoned...But Not E

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Friday, August 19th, 2005
Hollywood, California

Surrounded by the press and their incredibly devoted fans, Iron Maiden solidified a “lasting impression” by laying their hands on Hollywood’s Rock Walk of Fame, just outside of Guitar Center on the famous Sunset Strip.

KNAC.COM’s Charlie Steffens aka Gnarly Charlie joined the other “John Doe” media machine members after Maiden’s induction ceremony to ask bassist Steve Harris and drummer Nikko McBrain a few questions regarding the event.

JOHN DOE: Congratulations, guys. How does this feel?

Harris: We enjoy it-- it’s great. It’s an honor, really, to be asked to do something like this. I don’t know what to say …it’s just fantastic.

McBrain: Yeah, the thing that amazed me that there were fans that showed up here at 7o’ clock this morning, just ..I guess, to get up front and that is fantastic. And it is a great honor, as Steve said, to be here and to be inaugarated into Rock and Roll Walk of Fame. The one thing I’ve got to say –it’s been very well organized and we’ve had a great time. Dave Weiderman, from the Guitar Center here has been a gracious host and everybody that has been involved has been fantastic, so it’s a great accolade to be here.

JOHN DOE: Do you know who you will be next to?

Harris: Def Leppard …

McBrain: I think Def Leppard and AC/DC, which is good company, ain’t it?

Harris: The boys are our mates, anyway, so it’s good to be next to them.

McBrain: The AC/DC boys, their from Down Under, aren’t they Harry?


McBrain: Rob (Smallwood) went out and scoped out where we were going to be “laid to rest” , so to speak …(laughs) Maybe I shouldn’t be saying that. Not at my age anyway! (laughs)

JOHN DOE: You’re not that old, come on!

McBrain: That’s very true! I’m only 45! You know, I’ve been trying to grow me nose, you know like Pinocchio? Me wife sat on me face the other day and she said “Lie to me!”


McBrain: Sorry boys!

JOHN DOE: When was it first brought up about this Rock Walk induction?

McBrain: Well, Bruce has been speaking with David [Weiderman] for like, 10 years about it, so it’s gone back a while. But, I had a phone call from a mate of mine called Steve O’Connor, who manages the Guitar Center in West Palm Beach –and he said “I just got back from this meeting in L.A. with the guys –all the main people, and we were talking about you.” [Iron Maiden] And he said. “I brought you forward, as a suggestion, to be inaugarated this year.” So, I think … really, Steve O’Connor was the instigator of getting this thing rolling, and then it just went from there.

JOHN DOE: Upcoming album?

Harris: Yeah, next year. New album, yeah.

JOHN DOE: No, I’m talking about the one that’s coming out next month.

McBrain: Oh, that one!

Harris: Oh, that one! It’s a DVD, that’s from the last tour. We recorded it in Germany, you know …really good show and everything. It’s going to be real good.

KNAC.COM: Steve, how about “The Trooper” and its re-release in England?

Harris: Yeah, it’s Number 5 in the chart, apparently, this week –so yeah, it’s doing great.

McBrain: I just wanted to say that Steve …we get time off in between tours and rehearsals and what have you …Steve was in the studio working it all out, doing the editing. But, Steve has really, really, worked hard on getting everything together for the fans and for us. So, I want to say - thank you, Harry. I love you more than you love me .

Harris: It’s only because he gets to spend 2 months on the beach!


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