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KIX Live In Houston, Texas With Photos!

By Larry Petro, News Monkey
Wednesday, December 3, 2014 @ 5:02 PM

Baltimore Rockers Rock The Face Off Of Concert Pub North

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Hard rock and metal fans in Houston, Texas have been spoiled in 2014, in large part due to the multitude of great shows that have come through the Concert Pub North, Houston's hottest rock club. Despite what other local music periodicals may say, the Concert Pub has brought more great national acts of a bygone era through its doors this year than anyone else and provides great sound, great lighting and a great staff and atmosphere to match. And with less than six weeks left in the year there were still several more shows in store, including the November 21st show featuring Maryland based rockers KIX, who just recently released their first new album in almost 20 years, Rock Your Face Off. And that's what they came to Houston to do!

Kicking things off on this fine evening was Houston's new up-and-comers RED TIGER, whom I have written about HERE and HERE. This time around there was a bigger crowd on hand to witness what kind of show they put on, and judging by the reaction they got throughout their show, they have made quite a few more nice impressions. They delivered another fine opening performance.

Next up was another local band, ECHO TEMPLE. I have only caught them one other time and they also put on a very nice opening performance. Their sound is a bit more on the alternative side but the previous time I say them they did a very nice cover of IRON MAIDEN's "Revelations" if I'm not mistaken. If luck is with me there will be a CD review on KNAC.COM in the future for their disc.

And then it was time for KIX. The large crowd in attendance for the show was a testament to a), the band's continuing popularity, and b), the fact that the last time KIX played Houston was in 2007 for the ill-planned Rock The Bayou festival, and c), the fact that they have a new album under their belts, Rock Your Face Off, which proves the old adage that if 'it ain't broke, don't fix it' when it comes to their tried and true formula for songwriting.

Sporting an original lineup sans bassist Donnie Purnell, who was replaced by FUNNY MONEY 4 stringer Mark Schenker, they kicked off their set with "Can't Stop The Show" (how appropriate) from the new Rock Your Face Off disc, one of four new tracks they would play on the night, which is somewhat of a rarity for a band of the 80's era to play that many tunes from a new album these days, but certainly shows the confidence that KIX has in this new material. From there, the band went straight into "Sex", from their 'favorite record ever', 1985's Midnite Dynamite. The band was in great spirits throughout the show and sounded very tight, but then again, having nearly all original members together tends to do that for ya. Vocalist Steve Whiteman was his usual, animated self, worming and gyrating around the stage in Jagger-esque fashion, having a blast as they rolled through the rest of their 15 song set, including such KIX classics as "Ring Around Rosie", "Girl Money", "Cold Blood", "Blow My Fuse" and of course the hit ballad, "Don't Close Your Eyes", along with other new tracks "You're Gone", "Mean Miss Adventure" and the first single from the album, the song about convertibles (just kidding), "Love Me With Your Top Down". Guitarists Brian "Damage" Forsythe" and Ronnie "10/10" Younkins, drummer Jimmy "Chocolate" Chalfant" and bassist Mark Schenker all played their parts flawlessly. The band finished off the evening with two encores, "Midnite Dynamite" and "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah". KIX is back in a big way so if they hit your town this is a must see show.

Another great show and another great crowd to witness it! But wait, there's still more shows to come!


  • "Can't Stop The Show"
  • "Sex"
  • "Ring Around Rosie"
  • "You're Gone"
  • "The Itch"
  • "Mean Miss Adventure"
  • "Cold Shower"
  • "Girl Money"
  • "Don't Close Your Eyes"
  • "Hot Wire"
  • "Love Me With Your Top Down"
  • "Cold Blood"
  • "Blow My Fuse"
  • "Midnite Dynamite"
  • "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah"
Check out some more photos from the show!
All Photos By Larry Petro


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