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Get Thrashed: The Story Of Thrash Metal

By Tim Westergard, Las Vegas Contributor
Friday, March 9, 2007 @ 11:02 PM

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Finally a film that gets it right.

Get Thrashed: The Story of Thrash Metal traces the roots of the genre known as thrash metal.

For myself having grown up behind the Orange curtain, in Southern California I could easily connect with this film. Having been in high school in 1983, I got my first car around that time, I also got a copy of Metallica’s Kill em All on Megaforce records Cassette. The music was new, extreme, and unlike anything I had heard before. Something I did not know, was that a movement was erupting onto the scene.

This film captures that scene and the birth of true thrash metal. The movement was developing in three areas of the country: Los Angeles California, The San Francisco Bay Area, And New York City.

Directed and Produced by Rick Ernst it is clearly evident that he shares the same passion for the music that the fans and bands themselves do.

Filled with various interviews of those who were there, including members of: Slipknot, Dark Angel, Megadeth, Vio-lence, Exodus, Metallica, Chimaira, Anthrax, Overkill, Godsmack, Fozzy, Slayer, Nuclear Assault, Meshuggah, Pantera, Lamb of God, Death Angel, Hirax, Shadows Fall, Kreator, In Flames, Testament, BioHazard, Heathen, Strapping Young Lad, Kittie, Hatebreed, Killswitch Engage, DRI, Sepultura, and others.

Also including insights from various writers Eddie Trunk of KNAC.COM and VH1 Classic, DJ Will from KNAC.COM, Writer Ian Christe, Danny Shipman of RC TV and many others.

Even Suicidal Tendencies was talked about, and the mention of Rocky George’s guitar playing as truly a thrash-style player. I was so into that stuff, in a time when trading tapes and word of mouth turned me on to so many of these bands. We did not have the Internet, and bands like Suicidal paved the road for the do it yourself work ethic.

So many of the images and the music in this film reminded me of those days, like the time I saw Metallica at Jezebels in Anaheim in '86. To me the film is kind of like looking back at a high school yearbook, and knowing how things turned out in life for some. There are some really interesting stories I had never heard before.

Recently there have been several metal type documentaries that have been successful, this film when released will be one of them. As it tells the story of thrash metal, we have been waiting for.

This film should be shown to any type of metal fan who “raises the horns,” and will shed some light on trash metal to those who may or may not have been part of the movement.

Some will say bands like Godsmack, Hatebreed, Kittie and others should not be included in this film, but they are some of today’s bands that have been influenced by the thrash genre, and they speak about the bands they looked up to.

The flag of thrash metal is still being flown by many, including Katon De Pena of Hirax, and Rick Ernst the maker of this film, and of course, we the fans.

This film does a good job at telling the story, and does not go down the path that the Decline of Western Civilization Part 2: The Metal Years did. Director Rick Ernsnt manages to overall give props to those bands that were part of the trash movement. The film basically shows the birth of the movement, on the three major fronts, and finishes off a decade later with Clash of the Titans, a stadium tour of thrash.

Plans for this film are to air on cable TV, and a DVD packed with additional material.

If you cant wait I suggest you head to Texas where the North American premiere of this film will make its Premiere on Sunday March 11th at 8pm as part of the 2007 Texas Rock Fest.

For more info checkout http://www.getthrashed.com

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