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Jizzy Pearl: In His Own Words

By Mitch Lafon, Contributor
Friday, March 29, 2002 @ 3:52 PM

The Ratt & Love/Hate Vocalist

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Current Ratt lead singer, Jizzy Pearl, is taking a short-lived break from the band to bring Love/Hate's music back to the stage. No, it's not a Love/Hate reunion tour. There will be no Jon E. Love, no Joey Gold and no Skid. Just Jizzy paying homage to the songs that help land him on the musical map and have managed to maintain a strong cult following over a decade later.

"I was offered a short run with Gilby Clarke in the U.K.," starts off Jizzy, "and since the other three original guys don't tour anymore, I decided to make do with some of my friends and call it “LOVE/HATE FEATURING JIZZY PEARL” so no one would be confused. I will be playing mostly songs off the first two records, as they are the most recognizable. My band is top notch and we will sound just like the records."

And why call it Love/Hate and not just Jizzy Pearl? "Why am I calling it Love/Hate? To sell tickets of course!" states Jizzy matter-of-factly. "This is Love/Hate featuring Jizzy Pearl, not the original. There will never be an original re-union because the guys have wives and kids and day jobs now. Their circumstances and priorities have changed. That's the truth. If I want to play Love/Hate music, and people want to hear that music, I see no reason why I shouldn't play it. Go to my website jizzypearl.com. All questions will be answered.

What's the future of Love/Hate? "As for future of doing L/H shows I cannot answer," continues Jizzy. "If I had my way I would work all year 'round -- RATT is planning a big summer tour and that will be fun, but I would love to be able to play music I helped write, too. I guess if the demand is there, then I could consider playing more shows. Love/Hate was a great band and did some great music. The original guys have moved on and gone their separate ways, but as long as I'm still around, there will always be a chance that people could hear Love/Hate music. That's the future of Love/Hate."

Over the last year, Pearl has been working on a bunch of songs. Are they for a new Love/Hate, Jizzy solo or a new RATT album? Jizzy ponders and answers, "Ah, the future. You wanna know the future? I write songs all the time, songs and stories. It helps keep me sane. But who knows where those songs will end up? Right now I'm planning on releasing my second book Angst For The Memories in May. That was a labor of Love. I will be playing some new Jizzo songs at these shows so that should be interesting.”

Ratt is going out with Warrant, Slaughter, Dokken and LA Guns…a sort of Glam Slam tour, minus Poison. "The summer tour will be more Slam, less Glam." And does he have any hesitations about touring with LA Guns? "LAG is fun to tour with -- I love those guys -- always will. No hard feelings at all. Actually, I was hoping to sing for Dokken and Warrant, too! Thereby completing the Triple Crown. I WILL SING FOR FOOD. I'm gonna tattoo that on my chest."

As for Ratt, is it a touring band only? "As you know Ratt is embroiled in a lawsuit with Stephen Pearcy. That makes it difficult to discuss putting out new material, if there's a chance that new material might be part of the lawsuit."

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